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MHF long logo

Upcoming events

A new website for mental health carers was launched today 29th June 2015.


Hi Everybody,

Last month at Grill'd we were nominated as one of three recipients of their Community Donations Program 'Local Matters'. The Grill’d Community Donation Program donates $500 back into the community every month.


We wish to thank Grill'd for their support during the month of April.  Raising $300 in the Local Matters competition, we were the group with the most tokens at the end of the month!

It’s a simple and delicious way to show your support!


We Have new pages!

We have two new sections on our website available in our Consumers and Carers menu: Our Achievements! and Testimonials

The Our Achievements page will showcase the work and efforts of both the organisation and our consumers.  We are currently showcasing a collection of paintings completed by our consumers.

The Testimonials page is where we publish feedback that we receive from our consumers and carers that details how we have participated in their journeys toward recovery.  We are always looking for new stories to share.


Mon Jul 06 @ 1:00PM - 02:00PM
Learning Guitar with Duncan Sargent
Tue Jul 07 @ 1:00PM - 03:00PM
Music singalong with Chris Van Reyk